Board Members

*Janice Caldwell:Freehold, NJ 

Professional Background:Senior Software Architect, eIS Business Solutions,Co-Leader, Team Survivor Jersey Shore, Breast Cancer Survivor - Diagnosed in 2005

*Kirsten Norslien: Madison, WI

Professional Background:Program Manager, Gilda's Club

How did you get involved with Team Survivor? I was in treatment for breast cancer, in 2003, when I first learned about NATS.  I am a paddler, and was newly out of surgery.  I heard of this group of women paddling a large canoe, and doing this thing called Dragon Boating.  What I found was a great group of women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels, who were working together to live fully today.  I was hooked!Since then I worked with a committee to develop our mission/vision statement, led bike rides, hikes, participated in 3 triathlons, many dragon boat festivals, and help the DB team by paddling and steering our boat for practices.

Vision for Team Survivor? I would like NATS to be known to women with a cancer diagnosis as a resource to connect with each other, and rediscover their strength.  It would be great to create connections within the cancer community, helping women to rally the support that would help them through their journey.  

* Ilene Kurzman:   Madison, WI

- When did you join Team Survivor?   Joined TEAMSurvivor Madison (TSM) in February 2011. 


- Professional Background  - I have worked in the field of cancer research since 1977 and moved to Wisconsin in 1983 to work at the School of Veterinary Medicine which opened that same year. My primary responsibility is to design and implement clinical cancer trials in companion animals (pet dogs and cats). Most of our clinical trials involve experimental therapeutics that are intended for use in people as well as some that are targeted specifically for dogs and cats. The findings of our studies are used to design clinical trials in people.

  - How did you get involved with Team Survivor? I am a breast cancer survivor (diagnosed December 1995) and had heard about TEAMSurvivor Madison’s dragon boat team from a friend who has been active in TSM since its inception. I joined TSM in February 2011 and started paddling with the team. While I quickly became enthusiastic about dragon boating, I also learned about the many other activities that TSM offered and slowly increased my participation. As I hear from many of the amazing women I’ve met through TSM, I too am drawn by the camaraderie of this group. I am interested in ‘giving back’ by helping out where I can to keep this national and local organization viable.

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*Monica Stratton:

Affiliate Liaison

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